Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Icecream Sandwhich for HTC Desire

Hey Guys... after watching several videos online .. i updated Android Sdk and tried ICS on emulator..
Its full of lots of feature .... its mouthwatering

So cant wait it to taste it...

just waiting for any Aosp ROM to get released what u think!!!

I will post any links if  i got the one as I am keeping eye on this every second


here is the link this ICS ROM is a SDK Port .... u can give it a try ...

and here is the video


UPDATE 15 NOV 2011

As the Google  has released the source code the serious development will begin ..we can see some alpha - beta  within a week

++ CyanogenMod has declared that it will try to support all 60 devices with ICS(within 2 months)
that includes HTC Desire too
So we will definitely get the taste of  Ice Cream Sandwhich

Mean While the rooted users can get ICS theme  a system theme + you can also have same in Go launcher 
combining both themes u get a real feel of ICS a bit..

UPDATE 21 NOV 2011

There goes the development.....


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disable Android Market Updater

Hate the new market........

So well if you are rooted than you can achieve by typing following command in emulator on your phone

Emulator Market link


su -
pm disable